Anyone who knows us well, knows that we have really tried to be at one with nature. Embarking on our adventure from the tame UK to the wilds of Canada was bound to bring its challenges, and I like to think we have maintained a British stiff upper lip and embraced the differences, but this summer has thrown us a curve ball. The deer. Seriously.

I’m a fan of Bambi, truly I am—deer are the most docile, shy, gentle creatures I could ever imagine. I remember many years ago we bought the Bambi DVD (actually it was probably a video) for our kids one Easter and accidently traumatized them when the mommy deer was slightly killed. I’d forgotten about that bit. Not our finest parenting moment. Yet I still have a tender spot for wobbly-legged little Bambi with his big, brown eyes and knobbly knees. Yes, deer were probably up there on my list of favourite animals—until a whack load of them started terrorizing my family…




We have endured our fair share of wildlife woes. A roof replaced after the literal invasion of the evil black squirrels, and new house siding installed as a result of our not-so-friendly 5am woodpecker boring numerous giant-sized holes big enough to house a horse. Deer have very occasionally made an appearance in our yard, causing us to “ooh” and “ahhh” through the window, but they seem to have become a little too confident this year. To the point where the deer lunge for our English bulldog, Lily (who is a lot less courageous than she looks) and then attempt to come for me up on my deck. What???




Yes, the daring deer do not budge from my steps, even when I use my broom as a javelin. They think the bulldog would make an interesting meal (in fairness there IS a goodly amount of meat on her…) and stare out us humans in a ridiculous game of chicken. I’ll admit, they freak me out and win the game every time. I’m getting whiplash checking for them whilst trying to enjoy the solace of my lovely deck. Don’t let their cuteness fool you—they are mean. Just ask my dog, who now suffers with a nervous disposition when needing to do her business in her own backyard.




Fear. It can wreck everything, right? Founded or unfounded, rational or utterly irrational, it robs our joy every time. I’ve been writing short story devotionals for kids, and this Bible verse came up:


“Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.

I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.” (Isaiah 41:10- The Message)


These words are not just for kids, and they’re not just for me when I’m apparently terrorized by deer on my deck. They are words for us all to live by—when we are consumed by fear of sickness, fear for our kids, fear for our jobs, fear for our futures… the big stuff. Living in fear is NOT what God intended. Big picture—He is from everlasting to everlasting and He can certainly handle our worries, IF WE LET HIM. Sometimes letting go is the biggie…


“It Is Well” by Bethel is my favourite worship song to lead and to listen to right now… the mix of faithful hymn with contemporary words is simply beautiful and stirs my heart every time. You can listen to it here:

“Through it all, through it all, My eyes are on You

Through it all, through it all, It is well…

So let go my soul and trust in Him

The waves and wind still know His name”


We can all find comfort in these words, no matter what we’re facing in life. God is bigger, and He takes our deepest fears and offers peace and freedom and joy. It’s quite the trade, don’t you think?




As far as my wildlife issues go, local construction seems to have deterred the deer population from stressing me out, which is fabulous. Not the construction—that’s not fabulous, it’s a nightmare. And in breaking news, we now have a black bear in our cul-de-sac, who has taken a fancy to our back yards. Although Lily the bulldog hasn’t met him yet, she is a fan of what he leaves behind. It’s full of berries, y’all. 🙁

Wishing you joy… and safety from all wildlife!






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