Oh Valentines Day! An occasion dedicated to expressing one’s love and affection in the form of whispered words, soppy cards, and sentimental gifts. A candlelit dinner for two, a romantic stroll, swaying to soft music… it all sounds good to me!

But I’m just a hopeless romantic.












Through the ages Valentines Day has spiralled from the anonymous love letters of old where undying love was proclaimed, to our current commercial card selection, which includes messages to grandparents, children, buddies, and even “Happy Valentines Day to my darling cat”. Really? But despair not, there’s still hope that we can make it special. Apparently, even if it’s just you and the kitty…












When my children were little, I would make a sweet Valentine dinner of their favorite food (usually mac and cheese) complete with candles and chocolate hearts, before either going out with my hubby on a date or making a romantic dinner at home after said darlings were tucked up in bed. I’m guessing the 2 teen boys I now have at home would probably not appreciate the candles and tablecloth anymore, but I’m betting they’ll still devour the mac & cheese and chocolate! One learns to morph with the times…

Different stages of life present challenges when it come to romance, but we’ve been there, and there’s ALWAYS a way around it- trust me! Can’t get a babysitter? Recreate an intimate cozy restaurant table for two at home. Budget so tight you can barely inhale? Homemade cards- they are still the very best! Away from your loved one for Feb 14? Pick another date to celebrate, but don’t ditch it completely. Please? I know it can be a cheesy celebration, but the root of it is LOVE, and we all need a little reminder of how much we are cherished! Do I hear an AMEN? Thought so!







The key to showing someone we love and appreciate them is by finding their “magic” so to speak. Could be in music, the written word, creation, movies, deep conversation- anything really.

For me, dancing is my “magic”. It makes me giddy. Probably from a mixture of memories being waltzed around the ballroom as a child with my grandad, watching the perfect ‘Cinderella at the ball’ moments in movies, performing as a child dancer, and now loving the brilliant artwork of Jack Vettriano which I have gracing the walls of my home.












This one is my fave-  it’s called “DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE”- how utterly romantic is that?!

So a year ago, my wonderful husband did something that told me he loved me more than words could ever articulate- he signed us up for ballroom dancing lessons! This was so out of his comfort zone and beyond his skill set, it was either true love, or senility had kicked in big time. After a year of dancing everything from salsa to foxtrot and having such a fun time doing it, I’m thinking it was definitely love! And I think we’ll be dancing ’til the end…












But just so you know we are keeping everything balanced, we recently discovered a new “magic” we are both smitten with… snowshoeing: https://laurathomasauthor.com/2013/01/walking-in-a-winter-wonderland/

So guess which hunky husband got snowshoes for his Valentines Day prezzie? The label: “Snowshoeing with you… is what I LOVE to do!”


However you spend your day, and whomever you are with (even Fluffy!), I wish you a very magical and Happy Valentines Day, dear friends…

1 John 1v.3a: “See what great LOVE the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!”

Know you are lavished by His love- today and always!