Gazing through the window from the warmth of my comfort to the cold, bleakness of what lies outside, my heart breaks a little. It’s early, and the elementary school behind my house is still and silent, covered in a blanket of white. Giant, fluffy snowflakes fall ever so slowly, trickling from above.

Tears from heaven.

The snowy field will be filled with children playing later- squeals of delight, happy cries of innocence. As it should be.

But not today in Newtown, Connecticut.

In that community it is a bleak, bleak midwinter’s day as they begin to bury the victims of the mass shooting at a school last Friday. Our hearts go out to the families of each of them. Lights snuffed out too soon. Most of them, way too soon.

Throughout North America and even worldwide, this horror shocks us, rattles us, and for a moment we try to put ourselves in the shoes of the grieving parents. Then we jump quickly out of those shoes fearing the pain will suffocate us.

Unopened presents. Empty chairs at Christmas dinner. This will be a sorrowful season for many. What can WE do?

*Pray for the grieving mothers, the heartbroken fathers.

*Pray for the siblings suffering a loss like no other, the families ripped wide open, wounds gaping.

*Pray for a six year-old little girl- the sole survivor, her entire class massacred around her.

*Pray for every teacher and pupil at that shattered school.

*Pray for their whole community.

Clearly, this is not my usual “holly jolly” ramblings, but I simply couldn’t let this traumatic week slip by without sharing my heart. Pain, sorrow, loss- it’s a part of life, and we go through it together.

This Christmastime, treasure your loved ones. Hold your children extra close. Reach out to the hurting. Give of your time; give of your love.

Just as God gave and poured out His love in the form of a baby. His beloved Son, Jesus.

Wonderful Counselor. King of comfort. Giver of peace. God with us.

May much comfort and peace be found in Him this Christmas.