“So they hanged Haman on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the King’s fury subsided.” Esther 7:10

An image of a Christmas tree is way more fitting than a vision of gallows at this festive time of year, but my journey through the book of Esther has me curiously pondering “the gallows”.

As the story of Esther unravels, we see the plot thickening with each verse until the “vile Haman” gets his comeuppance. Justice is served in full when the King orders Haman to be hanged for such an evil plan as to annihilate the Jewish people. And the icing on the cake- the execution is to take place on the very gallows Haman had prepared to murder Mordecai the Jew from. In his own backyard. The ultimate irony.

Reading about the success of courageous Esther has me cheering in her corner and sneering at Haman. Every detail of the story leading up to this point is tied up neatly in a bow of perfection with Haman’s demise. He was ridiculously prideful, arrogant beyond words, full of sin and evil and everything horrid. He completely deserved the gallows. And I’m rather glad they were in his own backyard. Scary how we can so enjoy the fall of a “baddie”.


Then I take a moment to look in the mirror. Without Jesus, I would be ridiculously prideful, arrogant beyond words, full of sin and evil and everything horrid.

I am deserving of my own gallows.

And they would be most effective in my own backyard.

Yet I am saved from the punishment I deserve- it was taken by Jesus, the Son of God.

At this beautiful time of year when we allow ourselves time to reflect on the baby Jesus, it’s good to gaze at the whole picture- why He was born to die for mankind. Why He ultimately took our sins on Himself so that we might live.

He came for me and for you.

Our gallows.

Indescribable, unfathomable love… what greater gift can we possibly imagine?

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