“Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.” Proverbs 11:22

There is nothing more bizarre than the notion of a pretty pig, a beautiful beast, or a stunning swine. A pig is a pig, and it really doesn’t matter how “sty-lish” (sorry!) you dress it, how much perfume is sprayed, or how bedazzled it is….



It’s still a pudgy creature with unfortunate features, which looks like its inside out, makes unbecoming noises, and rolls in mud. Strangely adorable and cute- yes. Beautiful- no.

So why does Solomon compare this creature wearing bling with a beautiful woman lacking DISCRETION? It’s so incredibly outlandish; it’s worth sitting a little straighter in your chair and taking note.

What is discretion? It’s having good judgment, being cautious, behaving and speaking in a way that avoids causing offense or revealing private information. Being discreet.



Being beautiful.

This whole chapter is one of comparisons- it states what the Lord detests, and what he loves. Some of the positive characteristics are integrity, humility, kind-heartedness, righteousness, generosity, understanding, and trustworthiness. I’m pretty sure DISCRETION covers all these admirable qualities.

So what’s with the gold ring in the pig’s snout?




I think the point being made is that no matter how beautiful a woman is in appearance, if she lacks DISCRETION, she is as gorgeous as a bejeweled pig! The ring might be exquisite, but it’s not going to gain any gasps of admiration, because it’s on a stinky pig, probably covered in muck. It’s comparable to the ugliness of a woman’s ungodly behavior. Even from an outwardly beautiful woman.

The Message puts it like this: “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful face on an empty head.”

I don’t want to be the empty head. I don’t want people to say, “You can dress her up, but you can’t take her out!” I don’t want to be like a stunning swine.




I long to be that woman people trust with their darkest secrets, who will not judge or be unkind, who will love and pray for them, who will the soul of discretion always.

Ponder this Proverb.

Pursue discretion.

It’s a beauty that’s more than skin deep. It’s true and long lasting, it’s attractive and appealing, and it will shine always.

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