“The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.” Psalm 6:9 (NIV)

Imagine not being able to speak… losing the ability to enjoy verbal communication with loved ones, or even voicing our thoughts and passions to anyone who would listen. Every day, we see babies cry at the top of their lungs as they attempt to communicate their needs. When we meet someone from a foreign land, we raise our voices to double the normal volume, and articulate our words in slow motion in the hope of them understanding. Actually, we tend to do that even if they speak perfect English!

The recent movie “The King’s Speech” was a prime example of how a man, the future King of England, was frustrated beyond belief with his severe stutter. Even with his royal upbringing and the best intentions on his part, he simply couldn’t communicate with his people. He needed an expert to step in and come to his rescue.


After watching the movie, I was incredibly grateful that we have Jesus, our Intercessor, who takes our feeble, faulty prayers and presents them perfectly to the Father. Psalm 6 verse 9 reassures us that God not only hears our prayers, but He accepts them. He is the ultimate Father, always waiting with an empty lap and open ears. Even when we fumble our words, can’t fathom the best way to pray, or barely have the ability to form thoughts in our minds, He knows.

It’s humbling to think that even with the pandemonium going on in our world from earthquakes to wars, He still cares about my small stuff! If the Almighty can make time and pay attention to me because He loves me so deeply, surely I can carve out time in my agenda for Him! We may not have the skills to craft an articulate, perfect speech fit for a royal audience, but that’s not what God requires. He loves our humble, heart-felt words of prayer, which are accepted and made fit for the heavenly King of Kings.

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