“By day the Lord directs His love, at night his song is with me- a prayer to the God of my life.” Psalm 42:8

Life is ever changing.

It’s always evolving, maneuvering around us and within us.

It stirs up renewed enthusiasm, fear of the future, uncertainty and excitement. No two days are ever the same- no moment ever perfectly repeated. Like an unpredictable flowing river, it is smooth as silk in one stretch, and then churning and spewing relentlessly in the next. Gigantic boulders stand in the path of a peaceful flow.



Just when we think all is fine and dandy- our faith, family, job, relationships, church- everything is plain sailing and we can sit back and relax…. BOOM! A boulder materializes right before our eyes. We are forced to swerve around it, watching the rippling effect touch every area of our life. Chaos threatens to overwhelm us and we grasp for something solid, something to keep us grounded and true.

We crave a constant.

And there is a constant… One who is from everlasting to everlasting, Alpha and Omega. He never changes, will never leave us, never fail us. A definition of “constant” is “marked by firm resolution or faithfulness”. That’s our God.

Psalm 42 verse 8 reminds us that God is constantly there for us.

During the day, He “directs His love” our way, sometimes through blessings via other people, other times by giving us a fresh appreciation of His goodness and grace. Maybe He astounds us with the majesty of His creation, or shows His love simply by infusing us with an overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit within.

At night, that dreaded time when all is quiet, except our inner doubts and fears, this is when “His song is with me”. How completely beautiful. A simple prayer to the Almighty- sealed with the assurance that He is listening. For God does not sleep or slumber- His arms are ever open, His ears always listening for our voice. He is always there. Our constant.



Surely, when the frantic unknown threatens to pull us under, we can find rest and peace and comfort in Him.

My constant.

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