“The Lord said to him, “Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” Exodus 4:11

This was Moses’ worst nightmare. He stuttered and stammered and never in his wildest dreams did he consider himself a public speaker! But God had plans to use him mightily in delivering the Israelites, and orally appealing to the powerful King Pharaoh was first on the agenda.

This dialogue between God and Moses is not recorded by accident; the Lord intended it to be included in His Word for all generations, to encourage His children when they feel inadequate and overwhelmed.

How often we look at the task at hand, something God desires for us to do, and we simply don’t feel up to it. “I’m not brave enough, strong enough, a good enough leader, singer, writer, or friend. I don’t have enough qualifications, life experience, patience, money, or like Moses, speaking abilities.”

We may feel we don’t have enough, but how wrong and misled we are! WE HAVE GOD– Creator, Sustainer, Alpha and Omega, Eternal King…isn’t that enough for us? Do we truly believe that the One who made my mouth can give me the right words to say? That the One who formed my body can give me the energy I need to go where He sends me?


This New Year will bring challenges galore.

Let’s not waste precious time debating with the Creator whether or not we are up to following Him. Remember who it is we serve; the all-powerful God of Heaven and Earth who is the lover of our souls. Let’s draw our strength from the Lord, keep our eyes fixed on Him, and step out in faith and obedience.

Bring on the New Year!

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