“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name; Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.” Psalm 29:2

“Mommy, if you were a monkey, you would be the Colobus monkey.”


Just the words every woman wants to hear! But knowing my youngest son is an expert on all things animal, I bravely ploughed ahead for more flattery. “Why, Jacob?” I asked, dreading the innocently honest reply.

“Well, of course,” he said, “the Colobus monkey is the most beautiful monkey in the whole wide world!”

In Jacob’s sincere, 6-year-old, animal-loving mind, this was the biggest compliment he could ever give. He wanted to express his love for me in a way that was meaningful to him. And in turn, it became meaningful to me, too!

When it comes to praising God, I am grateful that He looks beyond my mixed up words and wrong notes… He sees the heart of His child, wanting desperately to worship Him in a way that is meaningful. How can we ever aspire to offer God the glory and praise He is worthy of? Knowing how holy and righteous He truly is, how dare I even attempt to “Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness”? Can Almighty God really take delight in our praises? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we can come freely to our Lord and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We don’t need complex, flowery words of adoration, or the ability to write incredible songs to sing to our Creator. He knows our hearts, and He accepts our praise and worship not because of our eloquence, but because He loves us. It may not always be pretty, but thanks to His saving grace it is acceptable in His sight, and we can offer God praise from our hearts as well as the on-going worship of our lives.

“…so I’ll let my words be few… Jesus I am so in love with You.”

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