How many “hats” do mothers actually wear in the course of a lifetime? In a  week even? Many, many, many. Teacher, nurse, chauffeur, personal shopper, chef, politician, housekeeper, blah blah blah. It keeps life interesting and we often discover unexpected pleasures along the way. A couple of weeks ago, I got to wear my “photographer hat”- one I’m not particularly adept wearing, but I’m all for embracing new challenges, and the subject was particularly special.

Our daughter and her fiancé (love saying that!) wanted some engagement photographs taken to capture the excitement and romance of the place where he proposed. Such an adorable idea, and Lyndon and I had a blast pretending we knew what we were doing, and actually managed to shoot some memorable moments.




Here’s some romantic inspiration for you:

The actual spot where he got down on one knee…




Looking ahead…




Dancing on the board walk…




A dreamy moment…




With his jacket …




The essential “leg lift” kissing pose…








Here’s to the start of an amazing journey together…





Admittedly, after every kissing pose Lyndon muttered, “Is this creepy?”, but he got over it and we all had fun on a balmy evening in beautiful Kelowna. It didn’t cost a dime (except for the mochaccinos afterwards) and these are just a few of the memories Cha & Ry have to tuck away forever.

If a picture tells a thousand words, I think we can safely  assume this engaged couple are very much in love!


Capturing precious moments-



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