I know, I know—there is a gazillion podcasts on every conceivable topic out there all clamoring for our ears! But to help with the overwhelm, today I’ve selected my current fave five specifically for writers and readers…




“If you’re not listening, you’re not learning.” Lyndon B. Johnson

One of the bonuses about listening to podcasts is that we get to walk the dog, clean the bathroom, or make dinner at the same time as taking in education, entertainment, or encouragement through our earbuds. Genius.

As a writer, I want to know all things books, marketing, publishing, creating, writing life in general, and what the people actually want to read. So here are five podcasts I listen to on the regular… a hearty thumbs up 👍 for each of them:


    I’ve been listening to this one for years and it’s still my number one go-to for reading recommendations and for getting all the latest buzz on books. Most weeks, Anne has “regular” readers as guests and discusses their preferences and then gives her personal recommendations for them. Her whole “Modern Mrs. Darcy” website is a booklover’s dream!


    A best-selling author, Jamie Jo interviews fellow Christian authors and goes deep into their stories covering faith, writing, and latest releases, touching on some fascinating topics in the process. This is a gem for Christian fiction readers and writers alike!


  • PUB DATE with Allison Trowbridge (30-ish mins)

  Dedicated to the love of books, this is for authors, aspiring authors, and book lovers. Allison (author and founder and CEO of Copper, a platform helping authors and readers build community around books) interviews an author who is launching their book and gets the story behind the story they’re sharing with the world.


   As a long-time hope*writers member and certified hope*writers coach, you know I’m going to be a fan of the podcast! This is for writers of all levels and touches on a variety of topics balancing the art of writing with the business of publishing. It features snippets of an interview with a “Tuesday Teaching” guest and you’ll always come away with a practical nugget to help on your writingjourney.


    This is a great nuts-and-bolts resource for self-published or traditionally published authors who want to learn more on platform, marketing, book sales, and anything related to getting your book into the hands of readers. Thomas is a fount of information and is on top of the latest tips and trends for writers.




I also LOVE to be a guest on podcasts, and my latest was a blast as I went international and chatted about all things writing with 3 fabulous ladies from Gracewriters in Australia! You can lend your ears to all the accents HERE … or watch us on YouTube HERE.

Time is precious and podcasts are such a gift—if you have any you listen to and love, feel free to leave us your recommendations in the comments below.

Happy listening,

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