Laura’s Launch Team


Hi, lovely launch team friends!

This is the place where I’ll put all the things: links, texts, images, anything else I can think of. Feel free to pop in here whenever you like to grab something to post on your social media. Any questions, DM me on Facebook or email me directly at [email protected]

*LAURA’S SOCIAL MEDIA: Just in case you are not following, here are my socials:

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*OUR HASHTAG (to be used everywhere) #theorphanbeach

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SUGGESTED TEXTS FOR ALL THE IMAGES BELOW (Feel free to use your own wording—I’ll be adding more as pre-ordering and then purchasing is available):

Okay, so here are all the images for you to choose from (I’ll be adding more) —just click the image and download. You can use them over the next couple of weeks on whichever social media you are on! Pair with my suggested texts or make up your own (with our hashtag and link!)  I’ve also included my specific “handle” thingy for you to include on each specific platform, so I can keep liking all your posts…

TWITTER IMAGES: (include @Laura_Thomas_  in text)




INSTAGRAM IMAGES: (include @lauracthomas and #theorphanbeach in text— also you can share on Insta stories with @lauracthomas and #theorphanbeach)





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