Tears of a Princess

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Christian teen fiction. Second book in the Tears Trilogy. Published July 2013 by: Dancing With Bear Publishing.

“For fifteen year-old Natasha Smithson-Blair, life couldn’t get any worse. The shocking news of her parents’ divorce on top of her own deep, dark secret threatens to tip her over the edge—until her best friend suggests joining her on a missions trip in Mexico. Intrigued by this absurd yet strangely enticing notion, Natasha tentatively agrees to leave her spoiled-rich-girl life behind and embarks upon an emotional journey of both devastation and joy. Facing ugly truths and beautiful promises, Natasha’s ice-princess façade is penetrated by a love so compelling it cannot be ignored. Will further tragedy rock her world again, or will she find the courage to cling to her newfound hope?”

Other books in the Tears Trilogy: Tears to Dancing and Tears, Fears, and Fame.

What our readers are saying

“I read the first book and was so excited to buy this book as soon as it was published. It certainly did not disappoint. I didn’t want to put it down! My friends really enjoyed reading it too.”

AmazonUK Review

“Amazing sequel, real depth of characters and hoping for a trilogy??!!The stories continued so well and you really do care what happens to each of them!!”

AmazonUK Review

“This book was written great and really shows the family issues that any family can go through. I loved reading about the orphanage and that Natasha changed her life around… Definitely worth five stars. Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I enjoyed it very much.”

Goodreads Review