Tears, Fears, and Fame


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Christian teen fiction. Third book in the Tears Trilogy. Published December 2015 by Dancing With Bear Publishing.

“Sara’s exquisite singing voice has been discovered and she is on her way to becoming an overnight success at the age of sixteen—but fame comes at a price. When a cyberstalker threatens to invade her inconspicuous life and shatter her fragile nerves, living in the shadow of fear is no longer an option.

Will Sara’s faith carry her through the intense pressures on and off stage, or will the sudden disappearance of someone she loves be her ultimate undoing? In this third book in the Tears Series, the friendship between Sara, Bethany, and Natasha intensifies as they navigate through an emotional journey of Tears, Fears, and Fame.”


Other books in the Tears Trilogy: Tears to Dancing and Tears of a Princess.

What our readers are saying

“Starting from the first page, the suspenseful nature of the book draws you into the family of characters that surround Sara – her friends, her industry contacts, her mystery adversary… The friendships and familial interactions seem so real at times it hurts.”

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“In this captivating novel, talented Author Laura Thomas creates a true-to-life tale which encompasses a wide variety of emotions including love, faith, jealousy, anger, forgiveness, and mercy. There are plenty of moral lessons to be learned in this well-written book!”

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“The characters are so likeable, the settings are well-described, and the take home messages of overcoming fear, forgiveness, etc. are invaluable. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a good teen fiction!”

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