I’m Laura, a multi-genre published author—and I would love to help YOU on your writing journey!

Are you are a newbie with big dreams? Muddling through the middle of a manuscript? Stuck with submitting, social media, or figuring out who your reader is? Let me help…

You will receive 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching for your writing for only $27 Canadian! (+GST)

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      Laura’s writing experience includes:

  • 3 Christian romantic suspense novels
  • 3 Christian teen fiction novels
  • Middle-grade short novel
  • Non-fiction marriage book
  • Picture book manuscripts
  • Over 100 Bible devotions published for all ages
  • Short stories, articles, blog posts, and more
  • Writing presentations and workshops

Laura was quick and professional, and noted some tricky parts of my picture book manuscript that I hadn’t previously noticed. Following her edits, my book was picked up by an agent and a publisher, and was eventually published with barely any edits from the publisher!


If you are in search of encouragement for your writing journey, Laura is the person for you. After a coaching call with her I came away with helpful tips for structuring my writing times, motivation to keep going, and a large dose of encouragement. I highly recommend her!


Laura is a great resource to answer your questions about writing.  After a 30-minute coaching call, I had answers to my questions, insight into the publishing industry and recommendations of reading material to hone my craft.  It is well worth your time!


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